Health and Safety Measures


Health & Safety Protocol 

 1. The entire Management and Staff at The Enigma Restaurant have received intense training regarding the new standards of Health & Safety Protocols for COVID -19. Each and every member of staff will strictly comply with these protective measures, which include the following:

  • Hand Hygiene: Frequent washing of hands.
  • Wearing protective masks and gloves.
  • Social distancing.
  • A protective shield is in place at the Bar of the Enigma Restaurant.

2. All employees on duty at the Restaurant have been given a clean bill of health.  Employees will be required to remain at home and seek medical attention if they, or any member of their household show any signs or symptoms of COVID -19.

3. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available and easily accessible, at all entrances to the restaurant and all Public Areas and toilets.

4. Any medical assistance or support required will be provided in line with the government regulations. The restaurant has a designated medical service on call 24 hours. All members of staff have clear instructions for reporting any possible cases of COVID-19 to Senior Management and external authorities, as is required.

5. The frequency of sanitation of all high touch points in the restaurant and Public Areas has been increased immensely. All surfaces and counter tops, door handles, public bathrooms and stair handrails are sanitized frequently.

6. All cleaning products and protocols meet specific guidelines for approved effective use against viruses and bacteria. All employees involved in the sanitation procedures will wear protective masks, gloves and use hand sanitizers.

7. Safety measures including restaurant capacity reduction enabling ample social distancing, comply with the current occupancy limits. These areas are sanitized regularly and after each use. Enjoy an exquisite culinary experience, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea on the brand new patio at The Enigma Restaurant.

8. Throughout the restaurant, we adhere to the guidelines for correct social distancing. Guests are advised to adhere to social distancing whenever possible, by standing at least 2m away from people they are not in company with.