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The menu consists of a subtle marriage of cooking traditions of Continental and European Cuisine with a strong South East Asian influence.

Every unique dish represents an unforgettable mouthwatering example of Fusion Cuisine.

Each carefully chosen ingredient is a contributing element of Fusion Cuisine, resulting in an amazing combination of distinct textures, flavors and colors.

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Each Gourmet moment is unique and diverse at The Enigma Restaurant. The restaurant is dedicated to culinary excellence where guests can enjoy the finest from our awarded Chefs. The elegant and chic atmosphere of the dining room makes it the perfect place for an intimate dinner or business luncheon.


We turn drinks into a piece of art

The finest of drinks and spirits, signature cocktails, top quality service, warm and cosy atmosphere and the perfect place to feel right at home. All that matters to us, is that our guests feel comfortable in our bar, enjoy their drinks and cherish their moments.



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